3 comments on “Batterie de Cuisine

  1. Would love to hear your experiences with the modernist gear. I’ve got everything you mentioned above, but in my earthbound kitchen and am looking for experiences aboard yachts. Sous-vide seems perfect for galleys in heavy seas, but I always have at least 2 different temperature immersion circulators (usually meat/poultry temps and veggie temps).

    The pacojet is the best kitchen tool ever 🙂 Any problems getting a freezer on a yacht that can keep -20c?

  2. Hello Justin, thanks for your interest.
    Actually a sous vide bath doesn’t work very well at high seas. When the container is filled with water, it will splash over the sides. But luckily we try to avoid cruising at rough seas. We use the technique to do lots of mise en place. For example vegetables that take long cooking or preparation time. Custards for ice cream, confit of duck or pork belly, etc. During a guest trip the days are very busy and it’s nice to have some backup.
    I’ve been working with the Pacojet since 10 years and wouldn’t give it away. Our freezer is massive and keeps the temperature perfect. I usually have about 20 different flavors of sorbet and ice creams, including savory.
    My newest addition is a dehydrator. It’s really cool to do fruit and veggie chips as garnish. I’ve played around with dehydrated mousses, fruit leather etc. It’s amazing how the flavor intensifies.

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